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Personalized Estate Inventory Booklet
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Description of Booklet

This 41 page booklet that is as priceless as it is useful, will enable you to have all your important information, advisor's phone numbers, account numbers & information on all investments, insurance policies, bank accounts, along with the location of all your important documents and much more.

Organized & consolidated in a simple manner. Just imagine having all this useful information at your fingertips, and all in one place!

Each booklet comes with a free gift envelope.

Different ways these booklets can be used:

  • Promote good will and keep your name in front of your existing and / or your new senior clients by giving them this valuable booklet.
  • Ask those that you give this booklet to, to give you the names of three-five people that might enjoy and benefit from receiving this booklet.
  • Present as a gift to those that set up appointments with you.
  • Existing client give-a-way when doing annual review.
  • Give-a-way to seminar attendees.
  • Give-a-way to prospects when they become clients.
  • When advertising for upcoming seminar, use this give-a-way piece in your advertising for the seminar. (Example: Attendees will receive a valuable Estate Inventory booklet for attending.)
  • Drawing Prize give-a-way at seminars.
  • Give-a-way to clients who give you 5 referrals.
  • These are not sold in stores, so go to the offices of Attorney's, Accountant's/CPA's in your local area and show these professionals that these booklets are available and that they might want to use as a give-a-way piece to their clients. If they are interested, simply hand them an order form. At the same time this gives the financial advisor the opportunity to introduce him or herself as a local financial advisor that is looking to refer clients back and forth.

See the order page to order by mail or fax.

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