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Increase Seminar Attendance

It is reported that seminar attendance is in decline across the country. Offering an incentive to prospective attendees is a proven method to increased attendance.

Advertising in ads or mailers that atendees will receive this 41 page booklet has increased attendance throughout the country!

The following is a sample you can use on your next mailer, or ad.

Receive A Valuable Gift For Attending

All attendees will receive the "Estate Inventory Booklet". This booklet is not available in stores. It is our pleasure to provide this useful tool to you and your family at no charge just for attending our seminar!

Our 41 page Estate Inventory booklet is as priceless as it is useful, and will enable you to compile all your important information, advisor's phone numbers, account numbers & information on all investments, insurance policies, bank accounts, along with the location of all your pertinent documents and much more.

The Estate Inventory Booklet is designed to help you Simplify, Consolidate and Organize all your financial data and other important information in a simple manner. Just imagine having all this useful information at your fingertips, and all in one place!

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